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Fillings do not have to be obvious – in fact; fillings can be very natural-looking, blending perfectly with your other teeth in colour and lustre.
The following are the types of fillings used by Central Dental:

• Composite/ White (tooth coloured)
• Porcelain inlays (tooth coloured)
• Gold inlays and onlays (gold coloured)

We do not use silver fillings. We believe the Swiss Smile composite/white fillings are made of materials which are much stronger and have proven to be very successful. We can replace your existing amalgam (silver) fillings with composite/white fillings for a more natural look with the strength of premium composite materials.

Your Central Dental dentist can prepare perfectly fitted porcelain inlays in just two visits. Porcelain inlays are custom made in our laboratory from an impression the dentist takes of your tooth. Your second visit completes the fitting and seating of the filling. Porcelain produces a long-lasting, hard-wearing filling with the added benefit of being able to be coloured to match your existing teeth.
Gold inlays, in certain cases, can be constructed after taking impressions of your tooth.