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Preventative Treatment

Central Dental believes that preventing dental health problems, rather than treating them as they arise, is what preventative care is all about. Self-prevention can be as simple as following a routine of brushing and cleaning between teeth to remove plaque, plus good eating habits and regular dental check-ups.

A few small lifestyle changes can make a big difference in the long run, as can regular visits to our dental hygienist. Everyone has different dental health situations; for example, some people have troubles with gum problems and others with tooth decay. This is where our hygienist can advise you of the best dental care routine for your own teeth. Some dental care tips might include avoiding sugary or acidic foods, and snacking between meals, plus chewing sugar-free gum for ten minutes after meals to help neutralise acids that can damage tooth enamel.

Visiting your Central Dental dentist and hygienist as recommended allows the condition of your teeth to be regularly monitored, and helps you to see how your dental health routine is helping you meet your goal of a healthy, naturally beautiful smile.